We are Knutsford COVID-19 Christmas Grant

Have you been financially impacted by COVID-19 in 2020?

If so We Are Knutsford would like to brighten up your Christmas, by gifting you a Knutsford Gift Voucher.

Grant Vouchers will be dependant on the size of your household and will range from £20 to £60.

To be eligible you need to live in WA16 postcode area and meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Been furloughed for 3 or more weeks in 2020
  2. Been self employed and unable to trade for a period in 2020
  3. Been laid off / made redundant since March 2020
  4. Had your hours or pay cut since march 2020
  5. Have had to take unpaid leave to :
  6. Any other reason that you have been financially impacted (please just let us know the details)

This grant is not means tested, and you do not need to disclose your earnings or financial situation (except if you fall into category 4)

Claims must be made before Monday 6th December to enable us to distribute the vouchers in time for Christmas.

We will ask for proof of your residence in Knutsford , and some kind of proof of impact (furlough letter, redundancy notice etc) if you don’t have this then just let us know and we I’m sure can reach an agreement on how this can be done.

All details will be treated in the strictest confidence, and will only be know to our trusted and DBS checked volunteers in a secure account. Once your grant has been approved all details apart from your contact details will be removed from our records.

Grants will be provided in the form of Knutsford Shopping Vouchers in denominations of £5 to be spent across town as you see fit, there is no stigma attached to this as these vouchers are available for anyone across the town to purchase and use.

NB We will try to honour all claims, but we do have finite funding and depending on the number of applicants we may have to close the scheme early.

Current list of businesses accepting these vouchers is below – and the list is growing. All businesses accepting them will have a sticker in the window.

Current participants are show on http://knutsfordhighstreet.com/

As you can see these can be used to by food/drink/toys/services as you wish across the town in whatever way you can use to help brighten up the end of very difficult year.

Participants as of 3.11.2020